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Stallion Maiden Hearts and Hooves Day Special
It was a normal day in Equestria. The birds chirping, the waiters waiting, the singers singing, and the Changelings soul sucking love out of everypony. Yep, it was Hearts and Hooves Day. The one day a year other than weddings a Changeling can feed. On the other side of the spectrum, ponies used the holiday to get a quick date. Stallion Maiden on the other hoof, was on in the middle of that. Not only did she not have a special somepony, but she was starving.
(Grrr) “oh my goodness, uhhh… I felt like I haven’t eaten in weeks”, said a starving Stallion Maiden.
“What are you talking about? You ate like two hours ago”, butted in Pluto
“I am not talking about real food, I am talking about love energy. Every Hearts and Hooves Day, I get this lust or hunger for love. Normal food won’t cut it and I need love energy to keep the hunger down”, explained Stallion.
“ Is this one of those things where you go crazy until you fulfill the hunge
:iconstallionmaidenstudio:StallionMaidenStudio 1 1
Hearts and Hooves Day Smiley and Emberly Hustle by StallionMaidenStudio Hearts and Hooves Day Smiley and Emberly Hustle :iconstallionmaidenstudio:StallionMaidenStudio 0 0 Stallion Maiden Pixel 1 by StallionMaidenStudio Stallion Maiden Pixel 1 :iconstallionmaidenstudio:StallionMaidenStudio 1 0 Chapter 1 Page 4 by StallionMaidenStudio Chapter 1 Page 4 :iconstallionmaidenstudio:StallionMaidenStudio 0 0


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Stallion Maiden Official Reference [Re-upload]
The vector was done by the ever so talented capslock-mlp. I LOVE LOVE LOVE his work and how he took the time to make this for me. I don't know if he is still doing commissions, but if he is here is the link:…

Special Somepony: None 

Residence: Space-Time Zone, sometimes stays with her adoptive parents in VanHoover, and owns a home in the crystal empire. She also grew up in Vanhoover, but hatched from her pod in Manehattan.

Stallion Maiden's Bio: Before Stallion was even born, Ze Doctor had created many experiments and experimented on an creature he got his hooves on.  From ponies on the street to his own children, Ze Doctor experimented on any pony with no guilt or remorse. One day, his special somepony created three changeling pods: the first containing Stallion Maiden, the Second containing Ruby and Lapiz, and the third containing Gastly Desire. When Ze Doctor found out about this, he took the three pods into his lab for testing and research for his experiments. His current experiment was to create the perfect changeling: this changeling would be able to change its gender, species, and genes without fail: not to mention this would make the changeling blend into crowd more easily. The first sign of success would be, while the changeling fetus still inside the pod, would transform into a pony fetus. The next sign would be, during the mutation period the changeling would maintain its newly acquired pony form up until its hatching state. Finally, the changeling would hatch into a pony and would still have its original changeling powers and newly modified ones as well.
In order to do this, Ze Doctor had to perform several injections of pony DNA into the changeling pods. While doing so he made sure to add the same doses of DNA into the pods, but had to add three times the amount into Stallion Maiden's pod. 
Name:Stallion Maiden(Experiment 216 by Ze Doctor) 

Nickname(s): 217, Stallion, She-freak, Changeling Abomination, and Sibling

Gender:None(but often uses her or she pronouns)

Species: G.M.C. (Genetically Modified Changeling), but permanently has an appearance of Earth pony due to experiments

Age: Around 17

Birthday: 4/23/XX

Sexuality: Bisexual

Allegiance: Good



Body color: Fluttershy yellow

Body type: Mare

Mane color/style: Bangs with Pony tail (Buttermilk yellow with Candy Red stripe)

Markings (Stripes, spots, whatever): None

Eyes: Rose pink

Cutie mark: Male and Female sign merged together

Accessories: Bow

Height (Equines are almost always measured in hands):

Weight: N/A

Notable features: Whenever she sprouts a horn and wings, they appear as changeling horn and wings, but if she takes the form of any other pony, the horn or wings will be perfect

Other: N/A



Personality in general:

Fatal flaw: Self doubt, low self esteem tendencies, rambles, and has a hard time taking criticism

Likes: Roses, lilies, poems, milk chocolate, her friends, her adoptive parents, helping others, her bed, shopping(sometimes), painting, and expressing herself.

Dislikes: changelings(excluding herself), the doctor, Queen Chrysalis, changeling hive, having to recharge her energy, her somewhat masculine voice, and anything boring

Favorite food: Nacho Supreme w/ beans, and hash-browns in a bagel

Favorite book: None

Favorite pony: Multiple

Favorite animal: Parasprite

Favorite song: Anything with violins, pianos, or harps

Favorite place: bedroom

Other favorites: parent's house

Least favorite Food: tofu

Other least favorites: daisy sandwich and love

Daily life

Place of residence: house in the time space corridor

Occupation: International Space-Time Police

Talents: Drawing, cooking, and master of disguise

Hobbies: playing games, sewing, and building


Friends and family

Mother: Radiant Airhead(adoptive mother)

Father: Chief Prettypony(adoptive father), Ze Doctor(biological father)

Siblings: Lapiz(brother), Ruby(sister), Gastly Desire(sister)

Other relatives: None

Lover/spouse: Baron Talltales (movie only)


Friends: Perrithus, Pluto, Neon Style, Helios, Smiley, Prince Polaris, Honest Smile, Shining Oracle, Honey Rays(one sided)

Enemies: Gastly Desire, Cartoonz, Changelings hive

Pets: None


Magic (Skip if your OC doesn’t use magic)

Powers: normal pony magic, and changeling magic(but powers grow stronger when upgraded)

                How do they use them? Her changeling horn

Do they like using magic?

                Why or why not?

 yes, but only when she needs to.

Flying (Skip if your OC doesn’t fly)

Wings: changeling wings

Wingspan: normal length

Top flying speed: unsure

Does your character like flying?

                Why or why not? Yes, because she enjoys the breeze.

Do they use flying in their daily life?
Mostly when she is undercover.

Other info

Backstory/past: After Stallion Maiden showed no progress in the experiment, Ze Doctor deemed her a failure. So he had two changelings dump her pod in a random location to die. The two felt sorry for Stallion Maiden, so they placed her pod in a dark alley for someone to find her. A few days later, two lovers were passing by the alley after a date and one heard the cry of a baby. The mare followed the sound and discovered the abandoned filly crying stuck in the pod. The mare and stallion proceeded to rescue the baby from the pod and from there, the couple decided to raise the baby as their own. The couple named the baby Stallion Maiden, as they noticed her stallion like strength. A few years later, while in the park, Stallion Maiden noticed a parasprite trapped in some rocks. She helped the poor bug and noticed its damaged wing; she took it home so she could help it get better. She made sure to feed it and read it stories every night. Eventually the parasprite got better, but when it came time for it to leave, the parasprite stayed. A flash of light started to cover the parasprite, and soon it transformed into a pegasus. Her parents both shocked and confused tried to communicate with the pegasus but found it quite complicated as the pegasus did not know how to speak. After sometime the pegasus was able to communicate to the family. He informs them that the reason he was a parasprite was because it was a curse place on his great great great grandfather for two timing a witch pony; and that Stallion Maiden had broken the curse. Two months later, the pegasus grows very ill and neither the doctors or Stallion's parents don't know what to do. So Stallion stays by the pegasus's bed and prays for him to get getter.(However, Perrithus does not remember it that way)  Then a shadowy white light shown through the window, and a pure white alicorn stallion with a light blue main and golden horn appeared before Stallion Maiden. He reveals to Stallion Maiden that she is a changeling with great power. She and the pegasus have a destiny to protect the multi-verse from a great evil. He informs Stallion Maiden that he can heal the pegasus, but she must soon start training herself as it will be crucial to her destiny. He then heals the sick pegasus and assigns him a name, Perrithus. He gives Perrithus the ability to transform from pony to parasprite and tells Stallion Maiden to tell no one that she has met him and of her destiny. Not before he disappears, he tells Stallion Maiden to find the space-time key and get the aid of Pluto. From there on Stallion Maiden and Perrithus set off on an adventure to protect the multi-verse from a great evil with the help of Pluto.

Theme song: None

Quote: "My only regret was that I had nothing funnier to say" -Stallion Maiden

Any other info on your character: will break the fourth wall for a laugh

Pixel Elements of Disharmony
So this took awhile. I wanted to do a pixel version of all the elements of disharmony and it proved to be good. I will be posting the rest of chapter 2 soon as I have to be on a two week hiatus ever other two weeks. This gives me time to work on the panels and then upload them once the hiatus ends. Special thanks to these people Lakword SilverRomance  TiffyToons NyaFaithNya Mokrosuhibrijac for allowing me to use their OCs.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Hey everyone or everypony! So I know I have lagged on uploading content for Stallion Maiden, but I recently became admin of a minecraft server and I am working on a game. The main purpose of the journal is because help coming up with some outfits for Emberly Hustle/ Gastly Desire. Any help is appreciated.  I have some designs done but I need some more. I will be posting some of the designs I have for Emberly Hustle. Remember these designs are for a pony. Thank you and have a nice day.



Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I graduating high school soon, and have to focus on my work a lot more. I struggle with aspergers and as I result I lose focus a lot and am always obsessed with something I like, once I like something I can't get enough of it and annoy others with my loves. I am a fan of Super Mario, Sailor Moon, Urusei Yatsura, Mlp:FIM, Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon. I often try to please others and I am often ignored by everyone, so I draw so that I don't feel lonely. I hope that all of you enjoy my art as much as I do.


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